8 Beautiful Espresso Machines

8 Beautiful Espresso Machines

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So we’ve done some looking, and we’ve come across some of the sleekest, most beautiful espresso machines. From porcelain, wood, to concrete these machines are just as functional as they are appealing to the eye.

Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine



at Red Candy for

519 Euros (572 Dollars)


Photocred: Ascaso Press

And they come in blue and pink too!

Custom Wood Panels for the La Marzocco Gs3


You can purchase custom wood panels for the La Morzocco Espresso Machine to spice up its look!

Buy them here.

$400+ (depending on Wood, Size, and Finish)

Espresso Solo


Photocred: Sasha Flit

Made by Israeli designer Shmuel Linski, this machine was made as a conceptual project. Check out Linki’s design page here.

Linje by Oystein Helle Husby


Another espresso machine made by a designer—Oystein Helle Husby. Coffee is heavily influenced by italian culture, so Husby’s approach to this design was inspiried by his Norwegian heritage. Nordic design is often distinguished by its use of wood. Linje is made of layers of poplar wood. Check out his design page here.


Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine


A simple and clean home espresso maker with a coffee bean hopper so that it’s “bean to brew.” This espresso machine automates the whole process—once you put in the coffee beans the rest is up to the machine.

Buy it here.


La Pavoni “Stradivari” Espresso Machine


A gorgeous traditional, streamlined espresso machine right here. You can purchase this here.


Espresso Machine in Porcelain


A wall mounted espresso machine designed by Avrid Hausser. Instead of using metal, Hausser uses porcelain to create a neutral, non-metallic tasting cup of espresso. Check out Hausser’s website here.

Speedster Espresso Machine


A retro take on the classic espresso machine. What a wonderful 60s vibe on this piece. Check out the website here.

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