Coffee Fun Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

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We all know that coffee has magical powers, but I bet there are a few things about coffee that you probably didn’t know. Here are some coffee fun facts that will make you a little more knowledgable about that magic bean juice that you drink every morning.


1. The First Webcam was Invented to Check and See if a Coffee Pot was Full


Here it is! It was invented at Cambridge so that workers around the University wouldn’t have to make trips to the coffee pot only to discover that there was not any coffee left.

2. Coffee Reverses Liver Damage

A recent study in 2016 shows that coffee may lower the risk of cirrhosis—hardening of the liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption, infections, immune disorders, and obesity. People who drank 1 cup of coffee a day had a 22% lower risk, but people who drank 4 cups a day had a 65% lower risk. It is unknown what reverses the liver damage in coffee, as coffee has over a hundred chemical compounds. Another study even found that filtered coffee had more benefits when compared to boiled coffee.

So drink away! But don’t get too crazy.

3. Caffeine Can Kill You

Well… Kind of. There is a lethal dosage of caffeine, but you would have to drink around 100 cups of coffee to reach to actually be in trouble. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, and the most common one at that. So at high doses, caffeine has even been known to cause hallucinations. The philosopher Voltaire was known to drink around 40-50 cups of coffee a day, but he still was not in the danger zone.

4. When Combined with Caffeine, Sperm Swim Faster

In a laboratory experiment where caffeine was introduced to sperm, the sperm’s mobility increased. However, this did not correlate with men who consumed caffeine. The act of ingesting caffeine somehow distorted the positive effects of the caffeine on sperm, and the results concluded that caffeine, when ingested, has no effect on sperm.

5. Coffee is the 2nd Most Consumed Drink in the World

Behind water, coffee is the most beloved drink of them all. It is also the second most traded good behind, you guessed it, oil. If oil is know as black gold, would coffee be known as brown gold?

Ten Coffee Fun Facts That You Probably Didn't Know
Ten Coffee Fun Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

6. It Increases your Metabolism

Coffee can increase your metabolism by 11%, and coffee has also been known to help with weight loss. It can increase your athletic performance by 12%, and it lowers your chance of getting type II diabetes. However, this is black coffee—not a large caramel latte.

7. Light Roasted Coffee Has More Caffeine.

To roast coffee, you must apply heat. A lot of heat. So, to create darker roasts the coffee beans are heated for longer periods of time which release more water, carbon dioxide, and caffeine from the coffee bean. Hence why lighter roasted coffee beans have more caffeine in them.

8. Caffeine Can Stay in Your Blood Stream for 14 Hours

Your daily dose of caffeine does a great job of waking you up, but it can stay in your blood anywhere from 4 to 14 hours. You usually will feel the effects after 10 minutes, and after an hour a significant portion of the caffeine is absorbed, but the caffeine can still stay in your system for up to 14 hours.

9. Coffee Has Been Banned Five Times

For various reasons throughout history, coffee has been banned. It was originally used in meditation and in religious practices to induce an almost trance-like state of worship. Mainly because of caffeine’s stimulating qualities, coffee was ruled as a drug and it was banned… But each time it wouldn’t stay away for long.

10. 64% of Adult Americans Drink Coffee

In 2015’s Gallup Poll it was ruled that 64% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee—and the numbers keep rising.

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