7 Cute DIY Coffee Bars

7 Cute DIY Coffee Bars

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If your coffee obsession has escalated the point where you need a designated coffee bar-drinking station filled with all your coffee gadgetry and accessories, you’re in the right place. Surely one of these coffee bars will peak your interest, and make your coffee obsession grow even more than you thought humanly possible.




From Cloth and Patina, this is a coffee/hot cocoa bar, with a French Countryside type flair. Isn’t it lovely?

blue-dresser-coffee-barVia Caught in Grace, this coffee bar incorporates a blue dresser instead of a traditional counter or bar cart. A great way to repurpose that dresser that you just can’t seem to give away or sell. Not to mention that it’s gorgeous, and that it makes a perfect accent for any kitchen space.


From Baked Bree, this coffee bar incorporates family photos and plenty of beautiful, ceramic coffee mugs. We love her homemade touch!

etsy-hanging-coffee-bar-2 etsy-wall-hanging-coffee-bar

Had to give a special mention to APT8ecodesign on Etsy for this fine work of craftsmanship here. It’s not a full coffee bar, but it would be a perfect accent piece. The lids are attached to the bottom of the wood so that you are able to screw on and unscrew the mason jars attached. Pretty genius, right?


This coffee bar designed by Carrie Waller is truly the whole package—cold brew coffee at the ready, a chic, gold french press, and adorable ceramic coffee mugs. There’s something about white furniture and gold coffee equipment that has a classic ambiance.


This DIY Coffee Bar by Shaunae Teske shows that you don’t need a large space to have an awesome coffee station. We love the chalkboard background as well as the natural wooden accents that were incorporated into this design, awesome job Shaunae!


Lastly, this design by Nina Hendrick incorporates natural wood, pine cones, and stark white accents to make for the perfect holiday drinking station.

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7 Coffee Bars

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