Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee for Weight Loss

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After researching about how Bulletproof Coffee could help you lose weight in my previous post, I decided to do some investigating on how to maximize your morning coffee for weight loss.


So without further ado here is how to maximize the benefits of your coffee:


If you must sweeten your coffee (black coffee is better for you), use low-glycemic natural sweeteners like agave nectar, honey, or stevia. These will provide longer lasting energy and won’t spike your blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods also help you stay full for longer, and this is because they take longer for the body to convert into glucose. Artificial sweeteners act the same way in your body as natural sweeteners, except without the calories that make you feel full. This can make you feel empty, and may lead to overeating as the day goes on. Stay away from artificial sweeteners!


Add Coconut Oil or MCT Oil, these oils act almost like a carbohydrate in that they store energy and release it later on, leaving you feeling more energized throughout the day! Plus, coconut oil has been given to patients suffering from digestive troubles for decades and has been proven to help with weight loss.




If you want to add some form of milk/creamer, use regular milk, soy milk, or almond milk—and don’t buy flavored creamers. Store-bought flavored creamers often have highly elevated of sugar levels in them, and will cause you to ingest over your daily sugar intake before you even eat breakfast. Almond milk and soy milk have relatively low glycemic indexes, however rice milk has a very high glycemic index because it consists of simple carbohydrates that break down quickly in your digestive system which will cause your blood sugar to spike.


Do not skip breakfast, or use coffee as a substitute for breakfast. Eating breakfast starts your day off right. It helps you have reduced hunger throughout the day and will reduce the likelihood of overeating later on in the day. It gives you more energy, and makes it more likely that you will make good eating choices for the rest of the day.


Coffee is composed of hundreds of chemical compounds that are beneficial in many ways—coffee by itself has been proven time and time again to help with weight loss! Coffee also contains antioxidants, it can increase your metabolism by 11%, and it lowers your risk of type II diabetes.


So go forth and drink coffee!


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