About Us:

If you love high quality, earth friendly, rich coffee, then you'll love Holly Jo's Coffee. Holly Jo's Coffee is all about fresh-roasted, hand crafted blends that bring out the natural full flavor of the coffee plant to give you a whole new coffee experience.

Holly Jo's Fresh Roasted Coffee is going back to its roots by enjoying coffee the way it was traditionally consumed— roasted and consumed within two weeks.

The coffee bean, like any other natural consumable ingredient, has a certain freshness span. Coffee, in particular, has a peak flavor and aroma of about two weeks after roasting. Unfortunately, most coffee that is sold in stores and in coffee shops today are months old and aren't consumed within two weeks of roasting — and we aim to change that. With our handcrafted blends and fresh roasted coffee, you will experience a higher level of the coffee tasting experience.

This is done by roasting green coffee beans that are harvested at peak cherry ripeness. We micro roast our coffee while it is monitored by our roastmaster's senses to insure the perfect roast. Your coffee will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting through priority mail to ensure that you get the best, freshest coffee available.

Thank you for reading this highly caffeinated post and for visiting our intimate corner cafe of the internet, where we can virtually connect and express our passion for coffee. We truly appreciate all of your viewership and support.

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